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You’ve got a story, tell it to the world.


Every company, founder and entrepreneur has a unique story that captivates audiences and drives loyal customers to their business. However, not all entrepreneurs have strong connections in the media to get the publicity and recognition they deserve.

Media Insider is your best friend for gaining media virality.

We have inside connections at the world’s biggest news outlets (Forbes, Huffington Post, Yahoo!, etc.) and we know how to pull the strings when needed. We will leverage our connections to give you viral coverage and full feature spreads across these media giants to drive unmatched traffic, publicity, reputation, and fame to your business.

What we do

For businesses, entrepreneurs, politicians, and other aspiring individuals and organisations

Feature Articles

Get featured in Forbes, Huffington, and more than 250 powerful online magazines

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SEO Link Building

Get powerful backlinks from the world’s most authoritative websites to skyrocket your SEO

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or go BIG with our Premium Package (Platinum Clients Only)

For a single transaction, we guarantee to feature your company in 100+ powerful online news sites, such as Yahoo! News, Fox News and CBN.

If you don’t get featured in 100+ news sites, we’ll give an 80% refund.

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How we get you featured

Select which sites you want to be featured in from our extensive site list. We have access to Forbes, Huffington, and over 250 more powerful online magazines.

Our team of experienced PR specialists will write captivating content about you and your brand. All you have to do is approve the content.

We’ll get you feature articles and backlinks in your selected websites to bring you unmatched traffic, publicity, reputation and fame.

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Consider us part of your marketing team

   Media Insider's work for Spark Chart was transformative for our reputation and publicity. Although we have a product that customers love, and an even better story about how our product was created, we simply don't have the media connections to get our brand out there. Media Insider got us organically featured in many high profile websites, which boosted sales and instilled trust in customers. I look forward to continuing my work with Media Insider and I highly recommend them to any online business that wants genuine media coverage.

   Media Insider quickly responded to my requests and provided a premium service that rapidly built my online brand. I felt like they were a part of my personal team and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

   We are incredibly happy with the quality and efficiency of Media Insider's work - from selecting websites to getting our articles written and published. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to enhance their PR outreach and build their Off-page SEO. The quality of their written content has always been top-notch and relevant to our target audience. They have a strong understanding of the digital landscape and their continued efforts yielded positive results for us. I will gladly refer them to any peers who are looking for similar results.

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We’ll get you feature articles and backlinks in:

Forbes Buzzfeed
Huffington Post Fox News
Harvard University TechCrunch ABC News
IB Times Engadget Mashable CIO
Yahoo! News Stanford University Tech in Asia

+250 more

Powerful Websites

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